About Us

Hi there and welcome!

Who are you?

I’m Nitant, a digital strategy consultant dabbing in international cuisine and inventing new recipes from time to time. When I’m not spending long hours toiling in the office, I spend my time in my teeny little kitchen & apartment on the upper west side in New York City experimenting.

Meet Chloe – My stunningly beautiful wife who is also the creative mind, marketing adviser and photographer behind the blog.

Why Masala Carte?

I wanted to put a spin on my and Chloe’s roots. I was born in Mumbai, India where I caught the food bug as a kid from my mum who can make magic with basic ingredients and plate the most delicious and satisfying meals. Chloe was born in Champagne country in Troyes, France and along with her other skills brings to the table an incredibly critical French palate which makes me strive harder to accomplish the perfect meal. Hence ‘Masala’ for the spices that I love to cook with and ‘A-la-carte’ for a French twist. My ‘Carte’ or pantry also signifies the fresh and interesting produce that I will be using in my cooking.

What will you post about?

This website is dedicated to everything Chloe and I celebrate. Food & photography intertwined with travel. The blog will cover a different cuisine every month, with posts ranging from appetizers, entrees, deserts and cocktails (Thanks Chloe for the cocktail set!)

When we moved to New York City the one thing I realized is that it is not really easy to find the ingredients needed to cook world cuisine. It’s obviously New York so these markets exist but one needs to put in a considerable amount of time and energy to find the right ones. I will also attempt to find the best markets with ingredients for these cuisines for all of our followers who live in NYC and the boroughs.

How often do you post?

I usually post at least once a week. I may be incognito at times if work drives me crazy. Fingers crossed!

What if I want to write to you (suggestions/questions)?

We welcome any feedback and would do our best to answer any questions as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to write to us at masalacarte.theblog@gmail.com

Alternatively, you can also leave your comments on our posts. We would love to get to know you so please don’t be shy.