Chayote Thai Curry with Shrimp

(4 Servings)

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 45 minutes

Total time: 60 minutes

If you have never tried chayote in your meals now is the time. This squash like vegetable belonging to the gourd family tastes similar to long squash if you have tried it and is rich in amino acids and vitamin C. I tried two recipes with chayote – chayote Thai curry with shrimp and Agua de Chayote (refreshing chayote juice served with lemon and agave nectar). You can very easily use chayote in salads, salads and curries. Do give them a try!

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Panang Curry Paste

I always bought curry paste from the supermarkets as I was lazy to make it from scratch. But this time around I wanted to try the pure recipe made from scratch. And it was so so rewarding. Trust me making this curry paste and then using it to make the flavorful Duck Panang curry will change your life! Such a fragrant and flavorful recipe and in fact not so hard to make. All you need are the right fresh ingredients.

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